About us



Japan Business Career Center was established in June 2012, as logo JBCCan educational institution for purpose of providing Japanese language education in Cambodian. We provide PC skill training and IT engineer upbringing, career consulting, our experienced staff provides quality services and customized support for all College of Business students and employers. So whether you’re a freshman looking for help in finding the right major or a recruiter looking for the right graduate, you’ve come to the right place. We help you navigate the process and put you in good company, matching bright minds with exceptional enterprises.

Your Career Begins Here.

Successful careers start with a strong plan, and helping you develop and execute that plan is what we do at Japan Business Career Center (JBCC). As a student in one of the finest business colleges in the world, you’ve already taken an important first step. We help you stay on course by providing:

  1. Experienced, collaborative career advisers
  2. A range of resources and services that focus on job search fundamentals
  3. Career fairs and company information sessions
  4. Online job search management through Job.jbcc.asia
  5. Internship and Job opportunities
  6. Easy, online access to frequently asked questions.


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